Ok it’s been a LOOOOOOOONG time since I’ve gotten a chance to post updates on here! As everyone knows, I’ve recently added number three to the mix – Garret Ryan Howe entered into the world on July 25, weighing in at 8 lbs 5 ounces…BUT more on that later. I first have to backtrack a bit to share something that happened a few weeks BEFORE Garret arrived. Everyone who’s had a baby knows that the last few weeks of pregnancy, you are ready to reach in there and pull the baby out yourself if you could just be sure you wouldn’t get arrested…or locked away. And with baby number three, that feeling started in with me at about month 5. SO that’s how I was feeling this particular morning…very, very pregnant and very tired (and also pretty hormonal but what else is new). I was also (of course) in a mad rush to get out the door. I don’t even remember now where I was trying to go but apparently it was important. I decided to be a “good” mom on this day and make home-made smoothies for the kids…fresh blueberries included. THat is one thing I do enjoy doing for the kids…and it helps me get a fast breakfast down for myself as well. So I make the smoothie and hand cups over to the kids, asking them to please drink it in the kitchen. The plan is, they drink their breakfast while I get everything ready to head out and then I’ll scoop them up, throw on shoes and voila! I will be walking out the door on time with kids who’ve eaten a healthy breakfast – SUCCESS! However, plans were once again thwarted when (and don’t even ask me HOW this happened), Mackenna and Grayson collide into each other, each with their respective smoothies in hand…and (now this is the part I don’t quite understand) this collision somehow caused Mackenn’s smoothie to spill….no that’s not the right word…ERUPT from her glass…I mean like VOLCANO style. It was ALL OVER THE KITCHEN. Let’s remember this smoothie was made with blueberries…which makes it a PUTRID PURPLE color that is now melting down the sides of my cupboards, the refrigerator…I even found some in the bathroom off of the kitchen. I almost couldn’t conceive of what had just happened. As I stood there in shock and amazement, Mackenna began crying because of the departure of her beloved smoothie…which then caused Grayson to cry because…well because he’s two. So I now am trying to get out the door with purple smoothie all over my ENTIRE kitchen and two crying children. LIFE NEVER WORKS THE WAY WE PLAN!!!! So I will include some pictures but they don’t do justice. For a LIVE ACTION VIDEO of this event, see below. Oh my life can make me laugh sometimes.

Oh and PS – In the Video you will several cries of “I WANT MY PROTEIN DRINK!!”……this is what we call the purple smoothies because of the shot of protein powder I put in them…just so you know.



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  • Okay so I'm sitting here at my desk laughing uncontrollably and feeling quite guilty at the same time for all of the laughing!! This is priceless!!!!

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