You didn’t think I was going to forget, did you?!       

So for this week, I’d like to start with a pic of my adorable husband. You know how they say life is all about the simple things? I have a perfect example of that. A nice pair of Revo sunglasses has made Ryan giggle like a little boy for about three weeks now. I had no idea he even  had an affection for sunglasses but since he bought these, I swear he’d sleep in them if he could. He knows he can’t. But I did catch him the other day like THIS:       


Next I’d like you to see a picture of my sweet little baby boy…       


Now look at what happens when he gets around his friends…


“What up, Moms? I’m GANGSTA”.

So every few months, I have to go through all my kids toys and re-sort everything because I really like to try to keep them organized. Cars in one bin, playdough stuff in another bin, etc. I was WAY WAY overdue for this and things were out of control. I couldn’t stand it anymore one day so I dumped ALL the toy bins out on the floor so I could go through it all at once. I was appalled at all the stuff. It was like a Fisher Price Massacre.      


Sorry about the kid with a bucket on his head. But look – I made art:      


OK so I may or may not find Grayson to be the cutest thing ever…and Grayson on his new little tricycle is no exception. He kind of looks like a lollipop, because I had to buy him a size 5-and-Up helmet, poor thing. But hey, he’s safe.    


It’s a good thing too because he’s a daredevil, this one.    


Actually THIS might be the cutest thing ever. Grayson was playing with his dinosaurs the other day, and I walked into his room to find this:  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Yeah. He made a litlte bed for his plastic creatures AND he’s reading them a bedtime story. I don’t know how excited Dad was about this, but MOM thought it was fanTAStic. 

 And finally, Garrett is starting to stand holding onto the furniture. He’s so proud of himself. I love it.  :) 


Oh wait. I almost forgot one more Garrett pic. So this one has never met a food he doesn’t like. It seems like it doesn’t matter WHAT I put in front of him, he’ll eat it. Which is great…and also not so great. Because he just got busted tonight trying to eat a chair.  


Happy Friday!


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