So if you know anything about the “blogging world” (which I really don’t), there is a common thing called guest posting, where you write a story for someone else’s blog OR they write a story for yours. Today my 2 year old son Grayson will be my guest post.  Now…obviously he can’t type, so I will provide the technical skills while he provides ALL the creativity.

I was rocking him a couple of nights ago, and we were telling each other stories. THIS was Grayson’s story that evening. I can’t really think of a fitting title to really capture it all. So we’re just going to get right to it. (OH and I want to send a shout-out to my girl Kate K. – You’re gonna love this one :) )

Once upon a time there was a kitty cat named Lucas the Pig. And the Kitty Cat went swimming and swimming in the water. But he had a helmet on. So he wouldn’t get water in his nose and eyes. And he swam real good. And then when he got out, he dried off with a towel and had lunch. A peanut butter sandwich. But he didn’t have any arms. He ate the sandwich with his feet. And later his ears hurt and it was OK. But he still didn’t have any arms.  The end.

 THAT is the best story I ever heard. Thanks Guest Post, Grayson!  After reading it back, I’m thinking maybe the title could be “Lucas the Pig the Kitty Cat Goes Swimming: Adventures at Lunch Time with Helmet-Wearing, No-Arm, Pig-Cats.



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