So for this week’s photos, I thought I’d reflect on the wonderful Memorial Day weekend we just spent with family in Michigan and Indiana. Thursday through Monday morning we visited with Ryan’s parents, and then we stopped in Indiana on our way home to spend the holiday with my Dad and Stepmom. It was great!

And of course I found a bench to stick my kids on for a quick picture…

Here’s a nice picture of me and my adorable son….

Those crazy eyes are his signature look.

Apparently something went wrong in this next photo that  I was completely oblivious to…

My son looks like he’s choking to death and I’m all smiles. Nice.

Ok next…can you tell the difference between these two photos?     


It’s like one of those scary movie set pictures where the ghost suddenly appears in someone’s snapshot. I guess my daughter just couldn’t bear to be left out.

OK So as you can see the weekend was great. But then…there’s always the dreaded return trip home. I am so amazed at what happens to my resolve to be a good packer with just a few days on the road. Suitcases going OUT are organized, neat, and efficient. I have one suitecase for me, Ryan and Garrett, one more for the kids, and a travel bag with snacks. But…this is not the case for the return trip home. Somwhere along the way, I must get tired and think to myself “screw it” and start stuffing Jewel bags full of random crap. And we always end up coming home with WAY more than we left with. When I came home from this past weekend, I surveyed the damaged. This was in one bag:

That is a salad bowl set, a Hershey bar, marshmallows, and ONE flip flop.


We have clothes, a little swimmers diaper, random jars of baby food, a hair straightener and exactly one can of cashews.


Here we have a package of diapers, more clothes, a jacket, HALF of a baby monitor, one dragon toy, coloring items, and THREE flipflops. Note: none of these flipflops match the previous lone flipflop from the other bag. Oh yeah and I almost forgot, inside THIS random bag  you can see was ANOTHER random bag.

My purse didn’t even get away clean…here’s what I found in THERE:

Oh yeah, that’s a spray bottle, a 100 calorie pack of cookies and a banana…in my purse. Seriously. And just when you think it can’t get ANY worse, let me offer you Exhibit A:

THAT is a open jar of baby food with a zip-loc baggie OVER the top of it, as if somehow it was going to stay upright the entire trip home and remain something worth saving…of course this didn’t happen. Rather, it looks as though someone got carsick on the ride home.

WOW. It took me about 5 days to finish unpacking. You can imagine why. But…it was a great trip anyway, and totally worth the effort :)




Happy Friday!!!!!


4 Responses to “Fun Photo Friday!”

  • Ashley:

    Ha! Your purse and bags are totally your signature trait. Do you not remember in college how your purse would NEVER close because you would stick EVERYTHING in it “just in case?” HA HA!

  • Motherhood Confessions:

    I STILL do that HA HA!

  • Shannon:

    The purse thing….yeah… too….. Nic, can we maybe get together and spring for a new summer outfit/hat for dad? I think he wears that thing everywhere… Of course, the hat IS an upgrade from the disco style hats he wore when we were growing up. LOL! Gotta love him!

  • Motherhood Confessions:

    HA HA! We used to call him Jack Tripper when we were younger…Love you Dad! HA HA

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