Mackenna told me another story the other day about her fabled, imaginary Grandma Jasmine. I was digging in the front hall closet and pulled down a basket that consequently spilled its contents all over the foyer. (By the way, my “foyer” is a 3×3 patch of ceramic tile by the front door) Anyway…when this happened, Mackenna looked at me and said, “It’s OK, Mom! It’s OK! My Grandma Jasmine told me that when I do bad things, it’s alright!”. Though I can’t know for sure, I’d be wililng to bet that Mackenna is planning to remind me of this the next time she decides to be naughty.

Just a few days ago, my mom and Mackenna were sitting on the porch and Mackenna saw a spider. She was mimicking her strong and not-scared-of-spiders-at-all mother and reacted to the spider in disgust. My mom tried to convert her into a spider-lover by explaining how spiders are actually very helpful because they eat mosquitoes (which Mackenna despises more than spiders). Mackenna let out a big, grown-up sigh and concluded, “Yeah. I guess they save the world”.


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