We did it! We finally did it! After 3 years of blissful living in a starter home…and then 4 more years of CAMPING, we finally moved out of our condo!!!!

Wait, let me back up. Hello again! I hope everyone had a great summer. I’d love to say I stopped writing because I was SOOOO busy…which is true…but not the real reason. I just took a GIANT break from doing anything worthwhile this summer. Looking back, I know I was busy but I really did NOTHING important at all. And now I can’t remember why I was so busy? Weird.

But like my  usual self, I’m now swinging completely in the opposite direction. I’m involved in two Bible Studies, MOPS, writing again…oh yeah, and I joined an Improv Team. Woah nelly.

But ANYWAY – back to the house! It’s crazy how much we’ve been PRAYING for a way out of our tiny home…trying to be grateful…then cursing the place…then praying for rescue…then trying to be grateful…circling right around and and back into insanity again.

Oh my goodness! I just realized what I did all summer…picked up toys! Seriously, I think that’s what I spent 80% of my time doing. I was at the end of my rope this summer with this house…it was wiping me out!!!  Everyone who would come over would comment on how organized it was and how it didn’t feel small at all. Now…I know what they are talking about because the house is layed out beautifully and doesfeel nice and open…BUT the major reason why it felt so organized was because I was pouring HOURS into every day trying to keep it that way. Duh. THAT’s what I did all summer.

OK back to my story…So towards the end of the summer, something came up and a friend of ours ended up renting out our home. It’s a perfect fit for her and we were finally free to go find another place. It was really awesome how God worked something out that not only benefited our family, but someone else as well. Isn’t that SOOO like Him??? We were on a tight schedule so I had one day to house hunt and fell in love with a home just 15 minutes away. We moved in August 28 and  I AM IN HEAVEN.

Well not literally, of course but getting a new place was every bit as blissful and amazing as I hoped it would be. I was partly nervous that it wouldn’t solve ANY of my problems and I’d discover that I’m just a stressed out, exhausted mom for no good reason. SO I’ve been very relieved to find out that I am now allowed to blame 90% of my problems with parenting on simply living in the wrong house. We’ll see if that lasts.

But, getting ready to move was also extremely emotional. Despite the fact that our house was NOT meant for a family of five, it was a great house. I genuinely liked it. Sometimes even loved it. I loved my front porch. I loved planting my impatiens every spring. I loved the fact that my kids were ALWAYS nearby. I despised it, but I also loved it.

And I experienced SO MANY things in that house. I became a mom there.( Every single one of my babies was born there).  I became a grown-up there.  I experienced a deep heartbreak…and amazing healing there. And  I have so many memories of Ryan and I in that little living room, working through life together. Dreaming, talking, striving, growing, leaning and learning. We became better people in that living room. That house holds a LIFETIME of memories.

I will always miss my first house. But I’m so grateful to be starting a new chapter…I’m sure I’ll still have lots of funny stories to share and I’m looking  forward to all of our great adventures in our new home!

Oh and Garrett has his own room!!! NO MORE CLOSET!!!! :)


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