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So we’ve all heard how every child is different and, for mothers with multiple children, it becomes even more clear as you watch your various children take on the world…sometimes in VERY different ways.

My daughter and first-born was my “opinionated” one as a baby…she was VERY difficult the first few months, but she settled down pretty quickly and, to this day, is fairly “easy to tame”. Then my son Grayson came along. He was the easy baby, but then at about 1 year old, we joke about how he “woke up”. Out of nowhere, he became this active, charming, zany kid…who I still have a hard time figuring out.

And then there’s my youngest Garrett. Of all the kids, HE is my wild card. I can NOT put him into any category whatsoever. Watching him through his first year of life has been absolute frustration and absolute entertainment. I remember saying just ONE day after he was born how much he reminded me of the intensity of Mackenna as a baby…but he also possessed some of the easy-going-ness of Grayson…all at the same time. It was a strange combination.

At just over a year old, Garrett is probably the most fascinating to me of all the kids.  He cracks me up…both in the “ha ha” way…and in the “driving me insane” way. He can be so pleasant and happy and easy going, but then he gets a bug about something and will become the most stubborn, unshakeable, FRUSTRATING character I’ve ever met.

For example, his new thing now is wanting what anyone else has. He is NOT OK with the food you give him and will continue to “eh eh eh” while whipping his hand furiously toward the thing YOU have that he wants. And all I can say is he is EMPHATIC about what he wants.

Just the other day, I gave the two older kids a half of a graham cracker. I gave Garrett one as well, only I made the mistake of breaking it in two pieces so it would be easier for him to manage. He pitched a FIT. He knew he had gotten smaller pieces than the other two kids, and was not shy about expressing his disdain. He kept pointing to their crackers and muttering what I can only assume were swear words in baby language. Then he had a full blown, roll-around-on-the-floor temper tantrum because of my folly.

I refused to give in and continued to try to hand him the smaller pieces.  He would just smack them out of my hand and throw himself on the floor again. I struggled between feeling completely put-off and totally amused. I finally just set the crackers down on the couch where he could see them. After about 5 minutes of his dramatic display, he came over to get them. He picked up one of the crackers with a big smile on his face and said “Dah!”, showing it to me before putting into his mouth, like nothing had ever happened.

What a little weirdo.

This same child also, at almost 15 months old, REFUSES to hold his own bottle or sippy cup. IF he was my first child, and I had the energy to take on a 4 day war over the issue, I would. But he’s not, and I don’t. So I have, for the sake of time and sanity, given in to his ridiculous demands. Because, just putting his sippy cup on his highchair tray results in it FLYING across the room in complete opposition of my trying to teach him how to be a “big boy”.

But this is what shocked me the most…

One day, his sippy was lying on the floor next to him. He didn’t realize my husband and I were watching him, and he grabbed it and began to drink out of it. If you could have SEEN the look on his face when he noticed we were watching him! I didn’t know a 15 month old could look “busted” but he did. His mouth opened in a surprised expression and he quickly dropped the sippy on the floor and started to whine for us to pick it up and feed it to him. My husband and I were SHOCKED! Any doubt that I had of him actually being CAPABLE of holding his own cup,  just fell to the floor with his sippy. Now I was certain of what I had suspected…this guy has us wrapped.

He also refuses to walk. He CAN and HAS walked across the entire living room. But whenever we try to get him to, he will turn his legs to rubber and sit…all the while looking at us with an expression that says, “bring it on”.

I have to admit, there are days where I have referred to him as a bit of a jerk. Isn’t that terrible? But honestly, in our grown up world if anyone acted like this it’s what we would call them!!!

We’re hanging on for dear life right now and just praying that these strong personality traits are going to make him the next Bill Gates or something. He is undeniably charming, wonderfully comical, and impossibly cute. I just hope the fact that he’s kind of a jerk will get smothered underneath all of that some day.

I’ve attached some pictures of the Graham Cracker Incident below. All you moms out there with feisty children, HANG IN THERE! I feel your pain :)



My husband and I LOVE sushi…love it. We get it all the time. SO…for Mother’s Day, my sweet hubby decided to surprise me by buying everything we need to make sushi right at home. He bought crab legs, shrimp and yummy veggies, the special bamboo sushi roller…the whole nine yards. I was not allowed in the kitchen until it was all ready. Then he served me – totally 5-Star dining style …on a TV tray in the living room. What a great guy huh?!

And…while the sushi may NOT have been the prettiest, it was DELICIOUS! 

It’s just too bad that I put on WAY too much wasabi (as I often do) and almost peed my pants.


But we also all know what happens when mom takes the day off for Mother’s Day right?

The house explodes.

Ok… that’s not quite fair – my house looks like this even when I’m in charge but let’s keep that between us.  Man oh man, I remember when my living room used to be a living room. Not so anymore. Now  I can’t walk through it without something singing, lighting up, or warbling. Think Double Dare.


You are correct, two of those kids aren’t mine. 

And yes, that is a trampoline. I always thought a kid-sized hampster wheel would be the BEST thing ever invented but I’ve never been able to find one. This is totally the next best thing. See, all my friends have BACKYARDS, so they can buy those ginormous broken-legs-waiting-to-happen trampolines…but not my family. My kids get a Denise Austin exercise tramp in the middle of the living room. It’s great. Especially in the winter. They bounce their little hearts out and sleep like babies. Best 30 bucks I ever spent.

 But… just when I think all my mess problems are in the living room, I have even more issues in my kitchen.  I really want to know how this stuff happens. It’s no wonder my house is never clean. I am being sabotaged…by some THING, some WHERE. I fed the kids lunch and left half an avacado on the counter in case they wanted more…minutes later, I return to the kitchen and see this: 

In case you missed it, please take note that the avacado PIT has sprung from the appropriate place (in the avacado) and somehow landed in the baby formula…

“What the…”

And finally, in keeping with my messy theme, I’d like to show you what happens when Dad feeds the baby.  Sweet Potatoes are SOOO the new thing for stylish hair.


 Happy Friday everyone!


So it has been  a long day of dealing with a teething baby who ALSO seems to have a cold (or is the snotty nose a symptom of teething?) who ALSO seems to  have a stomach bug because he’s thrown up / spit up like 5 times today…OR is that a symptom of the snotty nose (which may or may not be a symptom of teething), which makes him cough and subsequently makes him throw up?!

Oh my, I need a nap. The point is, it’s been a rough day…one of those days where you’re person-hood almost gets lost. You know what I’m talking about? Not that motherhood isn’t ALWAYS, to some extent, all about giving yourself up for another human being…but there are some days when it’s pushed to the MAX. Like you go into some alternate universe where you forget to eat, breathe, even PEE, because all you can think about is getting your little one to feel better.  Read the rest of this entry »

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