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Just a short post today: Kids are still funny.

The other day, I was telling Mackenna one of her favorite things to hear…”We’re having tacos for dinner!”

She became immediately excited and exclaimed, “YES!!!!” then consequently erupted into a loud, 4 year old-sized “pooter”.

I laughed and said, “Woah! Were you so excited about tacos that you pootered?!” to which SHE replied giggling,

“Yes! I think my butt was excited about having tacos too!”

 I don’t know that butts typically ARE excited for tacos, but hers apparently is.

Grayson’s birthday is coming up so we were asking him what he wanted for his birthday dinner. First it was chicken “nuggies”, but then he decided he wanted “hangle-burs” (that’s HAMBURGERS for my English-speaking friends).

I said, “OK we can have hangl-burs for your birthday dinner, Gray!” He pondered for a moment, then apparently felt the need to follow-up with some clarification…

“But not poop hangle-burs. We don’t eat poop”.

Not sure if that was a commentary on my cooking, but I made sure to make a mental note of it. I make no promises though.

In honor of pooters, here is a flashback video of the kids’ playing with a Whoopie Cushion. A good fart always gets a laugh, doesn’t it? :)

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