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Trying to get a cute shot of Garrett in the pool….looks like The Godfather in training….

 “Hey Ma! I’m tryin’ to do some SUN batin’ ova hee-ya!”


Here’s the sweet shot I was looking for…I will once again have to use the “crop” feature on my picture editor to take care of the Other Boy apparently exercising his right to an uninhibited childhood.


Speaking of an uninhibited childhood…

You guys know the Naked Cowboy from NYC? Well he’s got NOTHIN’ on my Midwest version.

This is NOT a show you want a back-stage pass to, however. Poor Mackenna.


And finally, just today I caught Garrett taking his onesie for a walk with his pacifier.

“Hey Ma! If you’re gonna change my clothes, make sure you re-attach the pacifier to the right outfit, eh?!”

 That’s all for now – happy friday!


Just a couple today. Earlier this week, I asked the kids to check on their baby brother…I mistakenly assumed they understood what this meant. However, THIS is what I found when I came back into his “room”… 


They were all very happy about it so I couldn’t be mad. Just hope Pack N’ Plays can withstand the weight of three scrawny children. 


Today, Mackenna and Gray were playing their usual dress-up games. Mackenna was a princess and Gray was a dragon. 



Don’t let the no-pants fool you, he’s pretty ferocious. But even dragons need to eat… 


Gotta love eating raspberries true dragon style with no hands. 

Happy Friday everyone!

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