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Hoping it would inspire the kids to eat, I gave them toothpicks for their ever-so-tasty Dino Nuggets Dinner the other night. I thought they would have fun eating them off of the stick. Kinda like Chicken Satay only with sub-par frozen chicken and no yummy marinade. Minor details, I told myself.

I turn my back for a bit to clean up some dishes and upon turning around, I find THIS:


I was informed that THIS is a Dino Nugget Tower. Happy that it appears as though she took at least ONE bite before turning it into building material. Nonetheless, I think it’s safe to say…Chicken Satay: Fail.


Do you guys ever feel that with ALL THE INFO out there…the countless websites, the infinite number of parenting magazines, books, and articles…that it’s a RARE thing to find real, practical advice that you end up applying?? How many hours do we spend soaking this stuff up and how much change does it actually end up delivering? I mean, I think most of the advice out there, like directions on the back of a shampoo bottle, deserves a big, fat “DUH” from those of us with common sense. New moms, save your money and trust your instincts. You know more about your own baby than most of the “experts” out there anyway!


I personally like that last one.


Trying to get a cute shot of Garrett in the pool….looks like The Godfather in training….

 “Hey Ma! I’m tryin’ to do some SUN batin’ ova hee-ya!”


Here’s the sweet shot I was looking for…I will once again have to use the “crop” feature on my picture editor to take care of the Other Boy apparently exercising his right to an uninhibited childhood.


Speaking of an uninhibited childhood…

You guys know the Naked Cowboy from NYC? Well he’s got NOTHIN’ on my Midwest version.

This is NOT a show you want a back-stage pass to, however. Poor Mackenna.


And finally, just today I caught Garrett taking his onesie for a walk with his pacifier.

“Hey Ma! If you’re gonna change my clothes, make sure you re-attach the pacifier to the right outfit, eh?!”

 That’s all for now – happy friday!


Happy Father’s Day everyone! So sorry I didn’t update all week. Garrett was a SICK boy and I wasn’t able to get to the computer like usual. He’s doing much better now…so we’re back in business :)

Even though we’re a little late, I wanted to get some pictures out for this week!

I took Gray to the strawberry patch on Saturday. It was just me and him…what a blast! He was so adorable…he picked a huge basket of strawberries all by himself, and I had to practically DRAG him out of there. He insisted on carrying his basket back to the car with ZERO help from me. His little arms could barely handle that teetering basket…strawberries were spilling out left and right. BUT he did it. What a champ!

Then it was back to the house to make strawberry shortcake, with banana muffins and homemade whip cream.

There is absolutely NOTHING that represents the taste of summer better than fresh picked strawberries still warm from the sunshine.



Just a couple today. Earlier this week, I asked the kids to check on their baby brother…I mistakenly assumed they understood what this meant. However, THIS is what I found when I came back into his “room”… 


They were all very happy about it so I couldn’t be mad. Just hope Pack N’ Plays can withstand the weight of three scrawny children. 


Today, Mackenna and Gray were playing their usual dress-up games. Mackenna was a princess and Gray was a dragon. 



Don’t let the no-pants fool you, he’s pretty ferocious. But even dragons need to eat… 


Gotta love eating raspberries true dragon style with no hands. 

Happy Friday everyone!


 So for this week’s photos, I thought I’d reflect on the wonderful Memorial Day weekend we just spent with family in Michigan and Indiana. Thursday through Monday morning we visited with Ryan’s parents, and then we stopped in Indiana on our way home to spend the holiday with my Dad and Stepmom. It was great!

And of course I found a bench to stick my kids on for a quick picture…

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OK So I have to change this week from pics to videos, because I thought this was cute. My little guy Garrett LOVES to pester his brother and sister…and in this clip, Grayson ACTS like he’s fine with it…for a long time. But his true colors finally come out in that sweet, “I didn’t mean to do it”, passive-agressive kind of way. I think you actually see him get his idea at about 1:40 on the time clock.


You didn’t think I was going to forget, did you?!       

So for this week, I’d like to start with a pic of my adorable husband. You know how they say life is all about the simple things? I have a perfect example of that. A nice pair of Revo sunglasses has made Ryan giggle like a little boy for about three weeks now. I had no idea he even  had an affection for sunglasses but since he bought these, I swear he’d sleep in them if he could. He knows he can’t. But I did catch him the other day like THIS:       


Next I’d like you to see a picture of my sweet little baby boy…       


Now look at what happens when he gets around his friends…


“What up, Moms? I’m GANGSTA”.

So every few months, I have to go through all my kids toys and re-sort everything because I really like to try to keep them organized. Cars in one bin, playdough stuff in another bin, etc. I was WAY WAY overdue for this and things were out of control. I couldn’t stand it anymore one day so I dumped ALL the toy bins out on the floor so I could go through it all at once. I was appalled at all the stuff. It was like a Fisher Price Massacre.      


Sorry about the kid with a bucket on his head. But look – I made art:      


OK so I may or may not find Grayson to be the cutest thing ever…and Grayson on his new little tricycle is no exception. He kind of looks like a lollipop, because I had to buy him a size 5-and-Up helmet, poor thing. But hey, he’s safe.    


It’s a good thing too because he’s a daredevil, this one.    


Actually THIS might be the cutest thing ever. Grayson was playing with his dinosaurs the other day, and I walked into his room to find this:  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Yeah. He made a litlte bed for his plastic creatures AND he’s reading them a bedtime story. I don’t know how excited Dad was about this, but MOM thought it was fanTAStic. 

 And finally, Garrett is starting to stand holding onto the furniture. He’s so proud of himself. I love it.  :) 


Oh wait. I almost forgot one more Garrett pic. So this one has never met a food he doesn’t like. It seems like it doesn’t matter WHAT I put in front of him, he’ll eat it. Which is great…and also not so great. Because he just got busted tonight trying to eat a chair.  


Happy Friday!


My husband and I LOVE sushi…love it. We get it all the time. SO…for Mother’s Day, my sweet hubby decided to surprise me by buying everything we need to make sushi right at home. He bought crab legs, shrimp and yummy veggies, the special bamboo sushi roller…the whole nine yards. I was not allowed in the kitchen until it was all ready. Then he served me – totally 5-Star dining style …on a TV tray in the living room. What a great guy huh?!

And…while the sushi may NOT have been the prettiest, it was DELICIOUS! 

It’s just too bad that I put on WAY too much wasabi (as I often do) and almost peed my pants.


But we also all know what happens when mom takes the day off for Mother’s Day right?

The house explodes.

Ok… that’s not quite fair – my house looks like this even when I’m in charge but let’s keep that between us.  Man oh man, I remember when my living room used to be a living room. Not so anymore. Now  I can’t walk through it without something singing, lighting up, or warbling. Think Double Dare.


You are correct, two of those kids aren’t mine. 

And yes, that is a trampoline. I always thought a kid-sized hampster wheel would be the BEST thing ever invented but I’ve never been able to find one. This is totally the next best thing. See, all my friends have BACKYARDS, so they can buy those ginormous broken-legs-waiting-to-happen trampolines…but not my family. My kids get a Denise Austin exercise tramp in the middle of the living room. It’s great. Especially in the winter. They bounce their little hearts out and sleep like babies. Best 30 bucks I ever spent.

 But… just when I think all my mess problems are in the living room, I have even more issues in my kitchen.  I really want to know how this stuff happens. It’s no wonder my house is never clean. I am being sabotaged…by some THING, some WHERE. I fed the kids lunch and left half an avacado on the counter in case they wanted more…minutes later, I return to the kitchen and see this: 

In case you missed it, please take note that the avacado PIT has sprung from the appropriate place (in the avacado) and somehow landed in the baby formula…

“What the…”

And finally, in keeping with my messy theme, I’d like to show you what happens when Dad feeds the baby.  Sweet Potatoes are SOOO the new thing for stylish hair.


 Happy Friday everyone!


Just one photo today: I’d like to call this one, “Bacon in the Bathtub”.  Because you’re never too young to multi-task.

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