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Mackenna told me another story the other day about her fabled, imaginary Grandma Jasmine. I was digging in the front hall closet and pulled down a basket that consequently spilled its contents all over the foyer. (By the way, my “foyer” is a 3×3 patch of ceramic tile by the front door) Anyway…when this happened, Mackenna looked at me and said, “It’s OK, Mom! It’s OK! My Grandma Jasmine told me that when I do bad things, it’s alright!”. Though I can’t know for sure, I’d be wililng to bet that Mackenna is planning to remind me of this the next time she decides to be naughty.

Just a few days ago, my mom and Mackenna were sitting on the porch and Mackenna saw a spider. She was mimicking her strong and not-scared-of-spiders-at-all mother and reacted to the spider in disgust. My mom tried to convert her into a spider-lover by explaining how spiders are actually very helpful because they eat mosquitoes (which Mackenna despises more than spiders). Mackenna let out a big, grown-up sigh and concluded, “Yeah. I guess they save the world”.


Just a short post today: Kids are still funny.

The other day, I was telling Mackenna one of her favorite things to hear…”We’re having tacos for dinner!”

She became immediately excited and exclaimed, “YES!!!!” then consequently erupted into a loud, 4 year old-sized “pooter”.

I laughed and said, “Woah! Were you so excited about tacos that you pootered?!” to which SHE replied giggling,

“Yes! I think my butt was excited about having tacos too!”

 I don’t know that butts typically ARE excited for tacos, but hers apparently is.

Grayson’s birthday is coming up so we were asking him what he wanted for his birthday dinner. First it was chicken “nuggies”, but then he decided he wanted “hangle-burs” (that’s HAMBURGERS for my English-speaking friends).

I said, “OK we can have hangl-burs for your birthday dinner, Gray!” He pondered for a moment, then apparently felt the need to follow-up with some clarification…

“But not poop hangle-burs. We don’t eat poop”.

Not sure if that was a commentary on my cooking, but I made sure to make a mental note of it. I make no promises though.

In honor of pooters, here is a flashback video of the kids’ playing with a Whoopie Cushion. A good fart always gets a laugh, doesn’t it? :)


 Just a short note today with some kid-funnies from my crew:

I don’t know those kids, but that is pretty darn funny. Anyway, the other day, Gray was complaining that his bottom hurt.. He was getting confused about what Balmex was called because he asked us if we would “PLEASE put some sour cream on it”.  And of course, Mackenna responds (more condescendingly that I would have figured a 4 year old to know how) with “Um, Gray…sour cream doesn’t really go on  bottoms”. Yeah not really

Mackenna was taking care of her baby doll yesterday and asked me if I could please finish putting the diaper on the doll, because she wanted to go color. I was in the middle of something and told her she needed to do it herself. She argued with me for a bit so I said, “Honey YOU are the mommy, so YOU should be the one to take care of her” and she responded with, “Well…YOU should be the grandma then and help”.  DUDE

Grayson’s new thing now is to say “No way”. We’ll say, “Gray you’re so cute” and he’ll say “NO way!”  Or “Gray do you want pasta for dinner?” “No way!”  Any time he needs to utilize the word “no”, it is now and emphatic “No way!”  Dont’ know where he picked that up from.

To this day, whenever Ryan doesn’t shave, Mackenna still says, “No, no, Daddy. You can’t kiss me cuz of your crumbs”.  When she was little she used to tell him to go wipe off his face.

 I love my kids’ imagination, don’t you? Grayson plays with this rocking dinosaur thingy we have at our park and yesterday he made sure to tell me that it was a GIRL dinosaur and it was nice, not mean. And he named her Jacob. And Mackenna has an imaginary Grandma Jasmine that apparently lets her eat chocolate for dinner and go to bed whenever she wants. They also paint together all the time and she took her ice skating once.

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