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OK. I have another confession to make: I don’t get football.

This is definitely to the detriment of my  poor husband, but I really don’t get it. I don’t know how I can be raised in the midwest, attend a big-ten university, and marry a football-lover and still just NOT understand the game.

In my defense, God did not create me with a natural bent towards the athletic arts. When I play volleyball, I spend more time with my head ducked in between my elbows than actually making hand-to-ball contact. And my parents have a video tape of me playing softball when I was seven… I am actually styling my hair in right field. Sad thing is,  I thought I was so good because my coach put me out in the field because of my “nice, strong arm”. Too bad I didn’t learn until years later that you don’t need a strong arm when you’re dealing with seven year olds, and right field is really where you stick the losers. That’s OK…I excelled in ballet and tap dancing – you know, the REAL sports.

Anywho. I told my husband that watching football – for me – is LITERALLY like staring at a blank wall. I can’t make sense of anything in front of me and therefore, I might as well be looking at nothing. He really hates that I can’t sit and watch games with him…so we thought it would be a great idea to try to teach me how it all works. Since we have TIVO, he figured we could watch a game, and he could walk me through everything that’s happening. He said I could ask him as MANY questions as I need to. He can pause it, explain what happened and then we can continue watching. This sounds like such a good idea in theory…my poor husband had no idea what he was dealing with. Besides the fact that it took us 6 hours to get through a game, I think I was asking all the wrong questions. Read the rest of this entry »

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