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I am SOOO excited I am finally back “up and running”. You guys are not going to believe one of the reasons that I’ve stayed away so long.

When I started writing “just for fun” a while ago, you all were SOOO great about encouraging me and telling me how much you loved what I was saying. I started getting some great feedback and my blog started circulating and ‘getting around’.

So I started to wonder if maybe this might actually go somewhere….and then guess what I did?

Everything that I talk on here about what NOT to do! I started googling “how to blog” and trying to figure out how to make my website “look good” and all this crazy stuff…

Just like I’ve done with motherhood, I started to let my perfectionism drain me of the joy of writing and why I began doing this in the first place! How STUPID…and terribly ironic isn’t it?!

WOW. So guess what? Not doing that anymore. I picked some random pre-made template that wordpress offers, figured out a couple new features that I really did want, and that’s it. I’m done trying to be something I’m not. In motherhood and in the blogging world.

So here it is – simple, basic and all about the content. We’re back in buisness! I’m going to REALLY try to write more often now. I’ve got SOOO much on my mind.

I also have another blog for the more serious side of life. I LOVE laughing and joking but sometimes I’ve got things to share that fit more in another category. So if you’re interested in THAT side too, be sure to check it out.

Finally, I’m excited about a new feature (I did actually figure out a couple of good things). You can subscribe to my blogs via email now. So cool!

If you like what I’m saying and what to keep up with it, please subscribe. That way I don’t have to manually send out emails anymore when I make an update.

Thanks all! Can’t wait to start laughing with you again!!!

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