Welcome to my motherhood  journey.  I had NO idea being a mom was going to be this tough…or this wonderful.

It all started a while back when I had my first mommy tantrum. I had finally had enough of the high expectations and pressure that I had put on myself to be the “perfect” mother. I ‘vented’ for about 5 pages long into my journal…anything and everything I could think of that was stressing me out in the world of ‘motherhood’.

After I was done, I read it back to myself. And I cracked up. It was pretty FUNNY. I realized there was NO WAY I was the only one feeling this way so I started a blog and posted it  for the world to see.

Over the years, as I’ve grown in my faith, my posts have evolved a bit.  I’ve been able to figure some things out. I’ve also discovered many more things that still need figuring. But my faith keeps me strong, and my Jesus keeps me loved. That’s made all the difference in my life. There are still many, MANY tough days. But in the end, it’s really not all up to me. I don’t hold the world in my hands or on my shoulders. Instead of striving to be everything to everyone, I’m swaying to the rhythms of grace.

Someone once told me I have the gift of letting others go second. What a sweet thing to say. And I hope it’s true, because that would be seriously cool. If I can throw it all out there first, then maybe all you’ll have to say is “me too”. And there is so much power in a “me too”. SO I promise to keep it real on here…You’ll find stories of success, and MANY stories of failure. And me, laughing my way through it all!

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