So…it’s been a while since my original post. Thank you so much to all of you for the awesome responses – I had no idea there were so many of you out there as crazy as me!!! This is going to be fun :)

For this entry, I’d like to share some random things that have happened the past couple weeks that I find come with the territory of Motherhood. Some times it makes me want to laugh, other times it make me want to cry. But it’s all just a day in the life… 

The following stories star myself, my husband Ryan, My three year old Mackenna and my two year old Grayson:

1) The other day Grayson decided to strip down to his bare deliciousness in the living room while my husband and I were chatting in the kitchen. We, of course, did not SEE him doing this part. What we DID see is him enter into the kitchen and prance buck naked across the entire kitchen floor ON HIS TIPPY TOES and then around the corner to disappear into obscurity without so much as making a sound or cracking a smile.. We both looked at each other like “what the heck was that?!” and then burst out laughing.

2) I’m trying to explain WHERE “Jesus” is to Mackenna. She doesn’t understand why she can’t see him and I have no idea how to explain all of this in Three Year Old Land. I don’t want to tell her He’s up in heaven where we can’t see, because that’s not quite true. I also don’t want to say, “Jesus lives in your heart” because I imagine that might terrify a tiny child. So I’m trying to explain that He’s here, even though we can’t see him. She says, “But he’s not here – I can’t see him”. (I see your point kid – work with me here). So I say “Yes he is here, we just can’t see Him” (genius)

Finally after arguing for a while, she draws her own conclusion: “I think he’s in the north pole with Santa Claus”.

Back to the drawing board.

3) I overhear Grayson the other day ask Mackenna if she wants him to “speeky butt”…which can be translated as “spank your butt”. Mackenna then proceeds to put HIM in a time out. Well at least they are paying SOME kind of attention to my discipline efforts, even if they aren’t yet effective.

4) Grayson approached me the other day asking me to get his “baby soup” so he can swim in the bath. I think you all know what he was TRYING to say. Hey, it was close.

5) Something that made me smile the other day…I was explaining to Mackenna how God made her and she said “yes, He painted me”. From the mouth of babes!

6) I hear all the time that as kids get older and begin to assert their independence, the best thing you can do is let them make some of their own decisions. SUCH AS, picking out their own clothes, even if they don’t happen to match. So what’s a mother to do when they decide that all they’d like to wear is their baby blanket? My three year old is apparently already gearing up for her first toga party.

7) I see my kids hovering over something on the foyer floor. I think perhaps they are playing with some cars or small toys…whatever it was they were doing, I didn’t much care because they were entertained. When I finally DO decide to look in on the party, I discover they are playing with an assortment of ants that have made their way into my house. I deliberated for a while on what to do with these tiny creatures invading my home (the ants, not the children). But then I ponder…pest problem or cheap entertainment for my kids??? The verdict is out – the ants stay.

8) Just tonight, my husband is giving the kids a bath and is just getting started when suddenly two naked, wet kids are being shuffled to the tub in our bathroom down the hall. I hear Mackenna say “but why are we going to the other bathtub now?” to which I hear my husband reply “BECAUSE Gray’s a pooper”. This is not the first time this has happened either.

9) Just last night we have an elder from our church over to visit and we are all chatting a the dining room table. Mackenna announces she has to go potty and runs to the restroom. We continue talking at the table. Just minutes later, as our guest is in mid-sentence, we hear a bellow from the bathroom, “MOMMY! The poopy is stuck!!!!” I smile sheepishly and my guest says, “I hate when that happens”. Glad he could have a sense of humor about it. The funniest part is that I, of course, made the assumption that she was having trouble GOING…however, when I arrive in the restroom, I see her standing naked over the toilet staring accusingly at a tiny renegade poopie that had fixed itself to the bottom of the toilet, refusing to be flushed. It troubled her greatly so I had to get a toilet brush and beat the poopie into submission until it decided to leave for good.

They do NOT put these things in the job description.

What else? Oh update on dinner this evening- Mackenna had scrambled eggs and Grayson had 2 1/2 dino nuggets. Martha Stewart, watch OUT!

This week we are going to go to Michael’s to see if we can find a CRAFT PROJECT to do. I can’t wait to update you all on how that goes.

No temper tantrums or crying fits this week so things are going pretty well. The kids are doing great too!

That’s it for now…I have to go switch the wash before it gets mildew-y. I am currently washing our bedspread since my daughter decided to pee herself during her nap today. She only seems to do this when sleeping in MY bed. And then I have a date to read “Nat Nat the Nantucket Cat” before bedtime. I do really enjoy story time :)

Until next time!


2 Responses to “A Day in the Life…”

  • Once again, I have been thoroughly entertained for the evening. You have inspired me to start a blog of my own. However, it will not be as creative as yours so I think I will keep it a private blog for my eyes only. LOL! God, Mackenna is too much! And to think…..Grayson is right behind her….lol. Wait til #3 is old enough. lol!!!

  • Liz:

    lol Nic you honestly crack me up, I love your kids! Wanna switch? :) j/k honestly they are so entertaining. ha ha ha

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