So now that the weather is getting nicer and people are beginning to emerge from hibernation, I decided it would be nice to have some friends over for dinner last night. I have ALSO decided that IF I wait to have company until I have the energy or the time to plan an amazing meal and present a spotless house, I will live a life of complete solitude. SO… I recently made the decision that I’m going to invite people over into my life AS IT IS. I will not kill myself trying to present a home that is mis-leadingly clean or a dinner that is to DIE FOR. I just want food, friends and company and to be able to focus on the important stuff. SO…that’s what I did last night. I had some dirty dishes in the sink and I made hamburgers and frozen french fries. AND IT WAS GREAT! I did, however, question my new-found philosophy when in the middle of dinner, we all glanced over to look at the kids playing by the window. Our house faces the west and the setting sun that pierces into our living room is really REALLY unforgiving. I’ve never cared much for how it brightens up the dust bunnies in the corner or casts a spotlight on the layer of fuzz on pictures or tables. BUT I was completely unprepared for the show it was going to give everyone this night and I began to think MAYBE there were SOME things I should have thought of tidying up before company came….just check out the pics for yourself.

Yeah that IS a window. You can’t even SEE out of the right side. I swear it doesn’t look this bad until the sun shines through it. I had no idea! I don’t even KNOW what the heck is on the hands of children that allows them to leave marks like that on the things they touch. Ryan said it looks like we’re torturing kids in here. I laughed at the dinner table and pointed out the obvious to our guests and yes, pulled out my camera to take a picture. This is what you get when you come to my house for dinner. Me, sitting at the dinner table, actually MARVELING at my own poor housekeeping so much so that I see it as a photo-op. ALL in front of company. Perhaps I’ve crossed over the edge…you’ll all let me know won’t you???

Just another thing to laugh at myself for I suppose. More things to laugh at:

Mackenna spent all day today begging me to open each and every Dora band-aid in the box because she desperately wanted to see what they all looked like. I don’t even know how to begin to respond to an inquiry like that. I was just too in awe of the workings of the Three-Year Old brain to even formulate the proper response.

Later on in the day, we had a “dance party” to celebrate the end of Mackenna’s dance class at the Park District. Mom’s were asked to bring a “finger snack” for all the kids to enjoy. I KNEW I should have planned something long before the day of, but I stupidly convinced myself I’d have time to run to the store before class and pick something up (I always forget how NOT EASY it is to “run to the store” now with all these laws about not leaving your children in the car. ANYWAY, I of course end up not having any time at all so I was forced to improvise last minute. Everyone arrives at the party and I take a quick look at the spread on the table. In one bowl are tons of HAND-WASHED perfecltly red strawberries WITH all the leaves cut off and divided into tiny little baggies for each of the kids. Someone else brought a deli tray and juice boxes for every child. DO YOU KNOW WHAT MY SNACK WAS??? A half open box of animal crackers that I already had in my cupboard that I dumped onto a paper plate when I arrived. I AM NOT MAKING THIS STUFF UP, PEOPLE. I tried to do it quickly so the mothers wouldn’t see it was from me BUT then again, I wanted them to know that I at least DID bring a snack. I think the offense of not bringing ANY snack is way worse than bringing a crappy one right? I just want to know how on EARTH that strawberry-mother did what she did. I even commented to her on the ‘great snack” and she said “Oh I was late to class today, don’t be fooled”. Oh yeah? I was late to class too and all I had to do was shove a box of crackers into a plastic bag.

Dinner time – I was feeling especially tired tonight so I set Grayson down at his little table with a dinner he could eat himself so I could take a much-needed break. Trying to push aside any guilt of opting out of the fabled “family dinner”, I try to enjoy my rest. When I glance over to see how he’s doing, I catch him doing “airplane” with his spoon TO HIMSELF – complete with sound effects. Tell me that wouldn’t make YOU feel like the worst mother in the universe.

On a happy note, Mackenna has learned to ride her Dora powerwheels tricycle and I was literally BEAMING watching her little feet pedal that thing with the tenacity of an Olympic athlete. She rode that stinkin’ bike all over the ENTIRE neighborhood tirelessly…and Grayson was perfectly contect to sit in the stroller and let me push him while he watched. It was peaceful, it was productive, and I LOVED IT!!!! Check it out…

Lastly – I had an awesome-mom moment today when Grayson woke up from his nap tired and cranky and SCREAMING. I was JUST getting ready to pick up the house and get stuff ready to head out the door (to the afore-mentioned dance party) when he woke up so I brought him out into the living room and tried to set him on the couch while I continued my work. BUT he wasn’t having it. I sat with him for a second, wondering how and when I was going to be able to part with him so I could start picking up the toys and getting stuff ready to leave, when he grabbed his blankie and leaned over onto my shoulder. I held him for a bit, seriously struggling while I looked at the clock fast-approaching the time to leave AND over at all the toys I desperately wanted picked up before Ryan got home. BUT… he wasn’t budging so I finally resigned and tried to focus instead on the moment, holding him and just enjoying the rest. We spent the next 15 minutes laughing as he pulled the lint balls off of his blanket and handed them to me, prompting me to give him and exaggerated “EW YUCK!!!” that he would return with a big belly laugh each and every time. It was cute, it was silly, and it was glorious…and I would have missed it had I not checked myself and just STOPPED. NOW you can see why I had to resign to animal crackers on a paper plate. And…I think he’s worth it.

Oh but he DID poop in the bathtub AGAIN tonight. I’m beginning to think this is a real problem.

Well that’s all for now…KEEP KEEPIN IT REAL, PEEPS!!!


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  • LO LOL LOL!!! I have to start out that way….now, I will tell you….I am the parent that has a month to plan for Jordan’s quick snack….only to have David rushing to the store and dropping it off at the school the morning of…..Luckily he works nights or I would be late for work daily. lol. I hae a “window” like that….my french doors are always smudged up and I too, never notice til a certain light hits them. Been there, done that with the bandaid boxes….by the way, I should mention that we buy 3 different boxes, all at once, portraying 3 different characters on them….and yes, we have to open all 3 boxes….There is no reasoning with a 5 year old on this matter, and so I am guessing that it is useless with a Mackenna…lol…As far as the poop……we went through that with Jordan. We had to give her points for NOT pooping in the tub….Yes, I rewarded my child for NOT using the tub as a restroom facility. lol!! Once again, thanks for sharing, Nic!!

  • Everytime I read these you make me laugh out loud. Even though mine are alot older now, it helps me remember the chaos that was my home just a few short years ago. Maybe I should start a blog about life with a hormonal teenager. That way I can prepare you all for what your headed for :)Arpi

  • Thanks for your responses guys :) You all make me laugh with your stories too – AND help me know I’m not alone HA HA!!!

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